December 22, 2017

Patent Attorney Shares Passion for Photography with Detroit Legal News

Detroit patent attorney Jeoyuh Lin stepped out from behind the camera to become the central focus of a new Detroit Legal News article detailing his life-long passion for photography.

Detroit Patent Attorney Jeoyuh Lin Harness Dickey

Photos by Detroit Patent Attorney Jeoyuh Lin

Lin, a self-taught photographer and avid traveler, says he was first exposed to photography at the age of eight when he received a hand-me-down camera from his older brother. He took photos everywhere he traveled, he recalls, with an eye for beautiful landscapes and architecture.

As his skills developed, he began taking photos of different events for friends and family. He later submitted selected works to competitions, earning honorable mentions in the Sports Illustrated 2010 HTC Sports Photography and the FOTO DC Spring 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival contests.

Before moving to Harness Dickey this past summer, Lin spent the previous two years serving as in-house counsel to auto supplier DENSO in their office in Nagoya, Japan. The experience afforded him the opportunity to develop a more nuanced mastery of intellectual property law, including how it applies to a litany of business concerns and how it affects other legal concerns.

While in Asia, Lin was able to travel extensively and find new subjects to indulge his passion for photography.  He was also entered and won the 2015 Chubu Trip Photo of the Month Contest in Nagoya with his photo “Nighttime Foliage Illumination at Iwayado Park.”

Lin’s legal practice with Harness Dickey allows him to build on his passion for photography and consumer electronics as he works closely with technologies related to digital cameras, mobile phones, 3G/4G LTE data transmission methods, LED and LCD screens, and solid-state memory. He also works on autonomous vehicle, medical device, and consumer electronics technologies.

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